For years beyond reckoning, it seemed like title companies and lenders would always put off preparing for closing until the last possible minute, making it common for buyers and sellers to see their closing HUD and paperwork for the first time the day of closing. Compounding the problem, few agents ever insisted on their customers seeing their closing HUD before the day of closing. That's why I have always insisted on all of my clients getting this vital information ahead of time, and have even delayed closings when my customers failed to get their HUD and other closing documents in advance. Thankfully, the law now states that every customer will receive their final HUD paperwork three business days or more before final closing. I strongly feel that this is a benefit to the customers that has been long overdue.

What just changed

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has now implemented the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID), which consists of two forms: the Closing Disclosure form and the Loan Estimate form.

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What Expenses Come With a Home

People often have basic questions regarding the expenses that come with Santa Rosa Beach homes for sale. These expenses include electricity, water, gas, internet, cable, phone, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, pest control, property taxes, HOA dues and Insurance. For example, a house in Seacrest Beach would have the following expenses.

This example shows the annual bills for a 4br home in Seacrest Beach with 2,500 sqft:

Electric $2,940
Water $936
Cable & Internet $180
Pest Control $400
Property Taxes $7,500
HOA Dues $1,920
Insurance $4,500
Annual Total$18,376

Below is a deeper look and a breakdown of expenses related to owning a secondary residence along Scenic Highway 30A.

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expenses that come with a condo in Santa Rosa Beach

There are often frequently asked questions concerning the expenses that come with Santa Rosa Beach condominiums. These expenses include Association Dues, Gas, Water, Insurance, Electricity, Taxes, and Internet/Phone. The following is a breakdown of expenses that are typical for a secondary residence along 30a.

Condominium association dues

Association fees vary by condominium but normally include water, sewage, basic cable, insurance for the exterior of the building and common areas, upkeep and maintenance of the condominium and common areas, management, trash pickup, and reserves. Some condominiums provide high-speed internet and/or phone services for homeowners. For most condominiums, the association holds responsibility for the exterior of the building unit while the homeowner is responsible for the interior of their property.

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Located on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast, Rosemary Beach has a unique array of architecturally interesting and expertly designed condominium homes. Many of these condos surround the popular Barrett Square. Pricing on these exclusive condos is less predictable than in other less distinctive neighborhoods. Rosemary Beach condos are so unique that it is difficult to assign an "average" price for condos in the area. Prospective buyers can get a feel for the market by reviewing the pricing history of Rosemary Beach condos.

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Rosemary Beach is blessed to have a deep lineup of architecturally unique, expertly designed homes, many of which boast Gulf views or occupy Gulf front property. While this is welcome news for prospective home buyers in the area, it makes the pricing of these diverse, exclusive homes a bit less predictable than in less distinctive developments. It's difficult to arrive at an "average" home price for Rosemary Beach. To a certain extent, the area's pricing is more art than science.

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