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Seaside Florida and Santa Rosa Beach condos for sale

Our goal is to make it easy to find what you are looking for. You can search in general areas or select one of the communities. Hwy 30A is one of the most unique and desirable places to live in Florida. Unlike most areas along the Emerald Coast, Hwy 30A is not congested. Due to strict commercial and residential building codes, the construction of high-rise condos and large commercial properties is strictly prohibited. This allows for a beautiful and scenic community with small 30a condos and beach homes. This is the ideal place to live for people in search of spectacular beaches and a laid back lifestyle. Hwy 30A also offers exciting attractions and activities, and is within close proximity to many other extraordinary beach towns. Below is a list of 30a, Seaside, and Santa Rosa Beach condos for sale at this time. We have pages that focus on select areas as well as specific condominiums.

55 Central Square Villas

55 Central Square

Built in 2007, 55 Central Square Villas combines commercial and residential use within the 3-story complex. The first story serves a commercial purpose while the two top stories are residential units. Unit B, which covers the second story, spreads across 2,410 square feet and includes three bedrooms plus a bunk, three bathrooms and two assigned parking spots. The top floor unit, Unit C, covers 1,700 square feet and consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one assigned parking space. Both units include premium

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Lyceum Gateway

A combined residential and retail building, the Lyceum Gateway adds completion to the town square that embodies the beach retreat atmosphere and cozy, community spirit of Seaside. The Lyceum Gateway, built in 2007, contains three stories: The first story houses 10,000 square feet of retail space, and the two top stories accommodate eight elegant, spacious condominium units. Two units are penthouses.

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Opus in Seaside

Built in 2003, the Opus in the community-based town of Seaside mixes business and residential property in a four-story building facing Central Square's amphitheater. Designed by Scott Merrill, an award-winning architect, the building comprises Unit A, the first story dedicated to retail, Unit B, the smaller condominium on the second story, and Units C and D, which form the larger penthouse condominium on the third and fourth stories.

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Dreamland Heights Condominium at Seaside

When you first arrive, a short elevator ride transports you to a courtyard that's exclusive to the residents of the Dreamland Heights Condo at Seaside. Built in 1989, Dreamland Heights offers views of the sparkling Gulf while overlooking the amphitheater and Central Square in the popular community of Seaside.

While the first two floors of this four-story building house commercial concerns, the upper two are strictly residential, containing the building's eight two-level condominiums.

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25 Central Square Condo

The 25 Central Square Condominium, built in 1996, resides in the heart of the quaint, cozy Seaside community. The building, which combines retail, office and residential units within four floors, is an award winning design by Boston architecture and design firm Machado and Silvetti Associates. The first floor contains retail space, the second floor contains office space and the top two floors comprise the seven condominium units of three different floor plans.

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