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Located between the serene, white beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast and Western lake, a 220-acre coastal dune lake, WaterColor condominiums offer access to an array of award-winning amenities, recreational activities and local events.

The 19 condominium complexes that make up the lively resort and beach community are all located in Phase I, and each is identified by its address number. WaterColor's complexes range from two to four stories per building. Each complex has between three and seven residences except complex 1848, which has 22. Six of the 19 WaterColor complexes overlook the spacious Cerulean Park that serves as gathering place and front door to the community. Five complexes boast gulf views from the north side of scenic highway 30A while seven others offer gulf views from the highway's south side.

Complex 1848 with its 22 living units is the only WaterColor gulf front condo, and it is also the only one known by a name other than its address number. It is called Towncenter Beachside; as its name suggests, it is close to Town Center where shoppers can enjoy a variety of retail stores and the WaterColor Market. All of WaterColor's Phase I condominiums are currently part of the WaterColor master association. Plans are in place for Towncenter Beachside to depart sometime in 2014 and operate under its own condominium association while the other 18 complexes remain under a separate organization.

WaterColor residents dwell in condominiums that feel more like homes. They enjoy harmonious natural surroundings and a sense of hospitality that makes the community welcoming, familiar and genuine. With a full range of available water activities and easy access to hiking and biking paths through the extensive woodland trail system, living a healthy, active life in the WaterColor community is easy.

WaterColor area beach-goers can enjoy access to many other points of interest including Seaside, Santa Rosa Beach, Dune Allen, Blue Mountain Beach, Watersound Beach, Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Grayton Beach, Seacrest and Seagrove. We have specific information on the individual Watercolor condos for sale below. We also have information on Watercolor homes for sale in a different area of this website.

WaterColor Condo 1735

Built in 2000, WaterColor Condominium 1735 has one floor of commercial space at its base and two residential floors above. The mixed-use building affords beautiful views of the nearby Gulf of Mexico and contains a total of six residential units in two slightly different floor plans called Plan A and Plan B. All six units occupy one level and feature

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WaterColor Condo 1701

Erected in 2000, WaterColor Condominium 1701 is a mixed-use structure with two floors of retail space and a top floor with five comfortable residential units. The building has three distinct floor plans that range from a 1,090-square-foot spread with one bedroom and 1.5 baths to a 1,400-square-foot space with two bedrooms and

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WaterColor Condo 30

Built in the year 2000, WaterColor condominium number 30 is a three-story building with a total of four units. Each one-story unit follows the Plan C floor plan. Each unit measures 1127 sq. ft and has one bedroom and two bathrooms. WaterColor condominium number 30 is a mixed-use building that combines

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WaterColor Condo 11

Situated in a master-planned community designed for natural beauty, quiet neighborhoods and old-fashioned hospitality, WaterColor Condominiums 10 and 11 face each other on opposite sides of Cerulean Park on the north side of Florida's scenic Highway 30A. Condominium 11, built in 2002, is the mirror image of Condominium 10, completed in 2001. Both contain three floors, with two one-story housing units per floor. Each

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WaterColor Condo 27

WaterColor condominium numbers 27 and 28 are identical two-story buildings that overlook Cerulean Park. Located on the north side of scenic highway 30A, the two residential buildings sit across from each other. Condominium number 28 was built in 2000, while number 27 was built in 2001. Building number 27 is positioned on the west side of Cerulean Park; number 28 is on the east side. Each building contains

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